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The HERO is a decentralized currency, double-backed by equity in BitShares. BitShares is backed by the revenue streams of our companies & their capital.  These companies are backed by the huge audiences they can reach with their services. The result is the world's first Economy Backed Currency. All on a transparent, incorruptible, speed of light network.

The HERO is a new kind of blockchain-based digital currency. It has all the advantages of crypto currencies (fast, cheap transaction, no middlemen, counterpart-party risk free, decentralized, accessible, etc.) but, unlike others, HERO has a predictable price.

The HERO is a formula-pegged asset on the BitShares blockchain. It’s value is pegged to USD-denominated formular as simple as:

USD since creation of the FED + 5% a.p.r.

This predictability constitutes a USD-pegged, component and a yearly capital appreciation of 5%. This fixed yearly capital appreciation isn’t quite like interest as it does not pay out HEROs every once in a while, but instead, the USD-valuation of HERO grows at a fixed 5% per year.

Spectacular Growth Opportunity

Imagine a $27 investment in Bitcoin made in 2009 would have earned you a $886k return in 3 years, now worth $9.5 million in 2017. (Source: The Guardian)

You have a very unique opportunity to get on the ground floor of next gen finance working with us and our economy backed HERO currency.

Our HERO is double-backed by equity in BitShares. BitShares is backed by the revenue streams of our incubated companies.

We have a portfolio of incubated companies with a market cap of over $300M (May 2017) that are on track to reach $1B by the end of the year. Our plan is to reach 10B, and through aggressive market acceptance grow to 100B in the near future.


A Trillion Dollar Company?

Far more valuable than the wealth created from founding a potential trillion dollar company, is the network effect from doing so. Given the influence Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have on the world from their relatively narrow first software applications, one can only imagine the value of deploying the dominant new financial system of the 21st Century. Each of these legendary startups has shown how a simple software innovation quickly spawned an influential mega-giant corporation. Consider the value of their stock and the flood of follow-on products and services it enabled.


Dual Asset Synergy

No other platform can touch this. HEROs are collateralized by a second currency, BTS, which represents shares in BitShares SSC, the smartcoin factory that creates them. The value of that company grows with HEROs sold because BTS must be purchased from a fixed-supply of its shares at market prices to back them. Consider the value of equity in Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Oracle, or Bitcoin after their similar core software gained market dominance. Now imagine the value of shares in a company that issues the world’s first economy based currency! As this company grows, its shares grow in value and can back more and more HERO. HERO demand drives BTS demand in a synergistic spiral. And HERO demand is unlimited.

High performance blockchain technology is necessary for crypto-currencies and smart contract platforms to provide a viable alternative to existing financial platforms.

The proven, industrial strength platform supporting the HERO already has faster transaction times and more scalable bandwidth than Visa, Master Card, and the 2000+ digital currencies trading in the world today... combined!  It can handle the trading volume of the NASDAQ, while settling orders the second you submit them. It is eight orders of magnitude more cost-effective than Bitcoin and can support the growing global economy. EOS technology will add virtually unlimited scalability.

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Buy/Sell/Short HERO

Act now and earn. A real ground floor opportunity. Like Bitcoin 2.0! Potentially make millions.

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Lightspeed Chains

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Next Gen Digital Currency. We can help you start your own coin in around an hour.

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Super Wallet

Transfer and cash out in any currency worldwide. Smart card works like Debit / Credit card.

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Digital Banks

Pioneering next gen digital banking. Global banking by mobile devices is the future and available now.

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