The New Financial System of the 21st Century

The world’s first economy based incorruptible currency, backed by productivity, not debt!

The HERO already has faster transaction times and more scalable bandwidth than Visa, Master Card, and the 2000+ digital currencies trading in the world today... combined! 

It can handle the trading volume of the NASDAQ, while settling orders the second you submit them.

The HERO Story

Cracking the economic code on money & finance.
The HERO is a decentralized currency, double-backed by equity in BitShares. BitShares is backed by the revenue streams of our companies & their capital.  These companies are backed by the huge audiences they can reach with their services. The result is the world's first Economy Backed Currency. All on a transparent, incorruptible, speed of light network.

The most honest money ever. Risk is far lower than for typical startups because the reserve capital of each company is backed by the combined revenue streams they independently generate. As long as some companies have earnings there will be buying pressure on BitShares which grows the network's ability to back more predictably growing HEROs.  The commitment of a revenue stream from each member company to lock up as equity to back Heros, putting them into circulation by funding operations means that, for the first time we have an incorruptible currency backed by productivity and capital, not debt.



The Hero

The HERO is a stable digital SmartCoinTM defined by a decentralized robot enforced smart contract that provides ordinary savers and conservative institutions guaranteed 5% earnings free of counterparty risk, subject to your purchase price. This is a compelling value proposition for organizations like the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) to offer their 38 million members while earning tens of millions in referral revenue for their own bottom line. The HERO is backed by equity in the BitSharesplatform from which it derives its stability and shareable earnings.

Growth of the Hero

Growth in Heronomex value will be driven by the appreciation of the BTS we have backing HEROs, which in turn is powered by the demand for HEROs.

The essential question an investor should ask is, “how much demand does the world’s population have for a secure, counterparty-free certificate of deposit (CD) guaranteeing 5% APR* growth from day of deposit to day of withdrawal?” We think that will be unlimited.


*Actual returns vary based on your purchase price

Ready For Global Demand

The proven, industrial strength platform supporting the HERO already has faster transaction times and more scalable bandwidth than Visa, Master Card, and the 2000+ digital currencies trading in the world today... combined!  It can handle the trading volume of the

It can handle the trading volume of the NASDAQ, while settling orders the second you submit them. It is eight orders of magnitude more cost-effective than Bitcoin and can support the growing global economy.

EOS technology will add virtually unlimited scalability.

The Hero Edge

So what is the HERO’s unique competitive edge?

What will make it an uncontested general-purpose Darwinian survivor?

Let's first simply list the winning combination of features that ordinary people need which no other competitor is currently positioned to offer:

  • A stable store of value guaranteed to appreciate against the US dollar by 5% annually.
  • A medium of exchange that transfers value in seconds to anyone in the world.
  • Compatibility with existing debit cards and wire transfer mechanisms if you really must.
  • No counterparty risk. The HERO is backed by transparent collateral and robotic integrity.
  • Deep backing. Anyone can post collateral to back HERO's in exchange for leverage.
  • HERO Backing is widely held by strong hands trading publicly on many markets.The HERO is the only coin designed for mainstream adoption. All other coins are reliant on demand from speculators or specialized business models that have problems with the current banking system. Few, if any, offer anything that ordinary people want. The HERO offers the safety of buried gold, the earnings of a 1960’s Passbook savings account, and the ability to pay anyone anywhere in seconds.

How It Works

The HERO is a loan by the BitShares network backed by collateral twice its value in BTS (shares of that network). Anyone can do it. Lock up $2 worth of BTS and borrow $1 worth of HEROs. You still have the BTS appreciating for you while you spend the HERO on anything you like. Maybe more BTS? It’s as simple as that.

If you don’t like simple, the HERO can be thought of as fungible smart contract that allows two classes of investor to trade risk for leverage using complementary interlocking currencies. The first, BTS, represents equity shares in the BitShares decentralized exchange - currently trading with great liquidity in many markets. The HERO represents a second, stable currency backed by BTS collateral locked up in escrow by the incorruptible Sovereign Software Company known as BitShares. Once that deal is made, the HERO can remain in circulation as a stable, fungible currency whose value is known and predictable at all times. HEROs can be cashed out at any time by the system, without interaction between the holder and issuer – because the contract is with the decentralized network consensus robots, not each other.

To reverse the operation, you simply acquire HEROs and pay off your loan. If BTS has appreciated against the HERO, it costs you less of them to pay off your loan and you make money. As long as the value of the BTS collateral grows greater than 3.33% and there is no premium on the price feed (pegged to grow by 5% annually), the investor has a positive yield – while enjoying the use of that same money in the form of a HERO loan. Ensuring that growth is where the HERO Transmatrix Engine comes in.

The HERO Transmatrix Engine

The HERO Transmatrix Engine¬ is a way for companies who want freedom from the risks and friction of the world’s current financial matrix to coordinate the investment of a piece of their revenue streams to borrow HEROs while reliably growing the value of those savings. It handles the investment details in a coordinated yet decentralized way to amplify those revenue streams over time.

The HERO Transmatrix Engine will ultimately be nothing but a simple, free, downloadable software robot – an app you can run on your laptop or phone. Until then you’ll have to study a little bit and emulate its processes manually. Or you can share a small piece of the revenues it generates to have us do that for you. In those early days, growth is easier to generate – easily making up for the time it would take to manage it on your own.

We never touch your money; You keep the keys to your funds and you subscribe to a transaction recommendation feed that tells you what we are recommending for other subscribers and doing with our own funds. Do this as long as you like, until you get around to managing it for yourself. But you always hold the keys to all your funds and can therefore opt out at any time. We don’t think you will ever want to.

The HERO Engine will meet the projected insatiable public demand for HEROs by gradually buying up equity shares in the well-established public BTS market and locking them up as collateral backing every HERO we borrow. Since there is a fixed supply of BTS (about 3.5 billion), the demand for BTS to back HEROs will put buying pressure on the BTS price. The more HEROs sold, the more BTS must be acquired and the more the equity in the system becomes worth in the global market place. This will stimulate other investors to join us in issuing HEROs, driving up the value of our own BTS as we compete for an ever-dwindling supply.

This is far superior to merely backing the HERO with dollars or gold in a vault. Consumers can see that the equity is all there in escrow on the public ledger, but they can’t inspect the contents of a traditional bank vault. There may be no gold in Fort Knox for all we know, but every share of BTS is always visible. Further, well-understood economic forces grow the equity value as the network itself grows in value. It doesn’t require our investment of that backing on a one-to one basis. The network earns most of the backing it is using to grow by growing in value as it acquires more users and processes more transactions. The main difference between BitShares and Microsoft is that the first is lending HEROs instead of selling Windows.

Bitcoin went from the recent $9M market cap of BitShares to $30B+ in six years as technical speculators and specialty applications very slowly recognized its value. The HERO will generate reliable and accelerating demand from the mainstream consumer as it goes globally viral. This will allow BitShares to retrace the path to $30B and beyond in a fraction of that time. All it will take is funding to maintain positive buy pressure on BTS and a HERO promotional campaign on the scale of Apple’s first iPhone.

Bottom Line. Independent companies save a steady revenue stream into their personal copy of the HERO Transmatrix Engine (really just a very smart wallet) running on their own BitShares account. That engine buys BitShares and locks them up as collateral on the BitShares blockchain – which then lends them a corresponding amount of HEROs. They are free to spend those HEROs into circulation by selling them on an exchange or using them as an appreciating currency they can transfer to anyone in a couple of seconds. Meanwhile they still own and control every single one of their purchased BTS locked up in collateral backing the HEROs they borrowed. As many companies do this, there is steady buy pressure on the fixed supply of BTS causing the value of their collateral to increase over time. Thus, the HERO is backed by BTS collateral that is backed by revenue streams from real businesses. The first economy backed currency. Honest money.