Next Generation Secure Wallet

The smart card is linked to your digital bank that is an APP which resides on your mobile device. This allows you to manage your portfolio of currencies on the fly.  From Merchant activity to asset management the future of flexibility and financial power on a global scale is in the palm of your hand!

Bitshares is a decentralized exchange and multi cryptocurrency wallet, from where you can control your accounts, trade assets and send tokens worldwide. Bitshares offers a complete suite of tools and options for worldwide professional cryptocurrency traders to open a door for new financial freedom.

BitShares offers three types of Cryptocurrency wallets.

1. Open-ledger Web wallet
CCEDK is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe and started a pure centralized service in 2014.  The company is now taking the decentralized approach. CCEDK's new OpenLedger program aims to close the gap between centralized and decentralized trading.

OpenLedger is the first decentralized exchange that offers a gateway for USD, EURO, CNY as well as numerous bridges to volatile and stable crypto -currencies like Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum, Steem, Peercoin, Litecoin etc.

OpenLedger allows everyone to establish their own coin or Business on the same Bitshares Blockchain. Every customer of a business or coin that is part of OpenLedger surely will have an account capable of dealing with your business or holding your coins.

2. Bitshares Munich Mobile Wallet (SmartCoins Wallet)
This Bitshares mobile wallet brings all the power of BitAssets to your Android mobile phone. Now you can use your tablets or mobile phones to pay anytime and anywhere with your favorite BitAssets. The mobile wallet is developed and maintained by

3. Paper wallet or Cold storage.
This an offline wallet (you will make it without internet connection through a zip file software) also known as cold storage. This wallet provides a high level of security for saving. This wallet is stored in a secured place which is not connected to the network or internet connection.